Asphalt Sealing

We Use ONLY THE BEST Asphalt-Based Seal Coat on the Market!

Our asphalt-based emulsion seal coat product is designed for maximum wear, and a beautiful black finish. We apply our product only when weather permits, beginning with a thorough cleaning process. We also use a special sealant on oil spots in asphalt, to allow the seal coat to adhere properly to those areas.

Asphalt sealing provides the following benefits:

  • Asphalt sealing prolongs the useful life of the asphalt!
  • Seal coat for pennies per square foot vs. dollars per square foot repairs later
  • It may be applied to most asphalt surfaces
  • It protects pavement from the damaging effects of sun, rain, and petroleum products
  • It works effectively on new or worn asphalt surfaces
  • It dries to an attractive black asphalt finish
  • Emulsion sealants are cold applied and are non-toxic
  • Aspahlt sealing prevents damaging (“alligatoring”,”ravelling” and “oxidation”)