Asphalt Repair & Patching

We repair damaged asphalt and seal any cracks prior to seal coating a parking lot or driveway. On asphalt patches, the edges will be jack hammered or saw-cut out, and materials will be disposed of properly. The base material will remain in place and will be re-compacted. After compaction and prior to the placing of Asphalt, the vertical edges of the existing pavement will receive a tack coat of Liquid Asphalt Binder. New asphalt is put into place at the proper depth, and compacted. The finished edges will be coated with Liquid Asphalt and sanded (unless the area is to be Seal coated). For larger, more complex surfacing needs, SPS can refer you (or subcontract) to a reputable paving company that we trust to fulfill your expectations with the same level of excellence that we adhere to.